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A Fresh Perspective for a
Dynamic School District

Now is the time to preserve the high-quality schools and CTE programs Plano ISD is known to have. Every day I am reminded that one of the only ways our district leaders will know what issues the students truly care about is to have someone who recently attended Plano ISD schools on our school board. I'm ready to use my unique perspective of being a recent graduate on the school board to make a positive difference in our community.


My priorities are more than words on a website. They're a promise that I will continue planning and working together with my community and I will center all my decisions on the safety, quality of education, and work environment for the students and staff. That means taking action and having the courage to stand up for our students and teachers when decisions directly impact them. Our community deserves a school board member that is actively involved and makes decisions for our schools and families above their own political views.


I've been overly observant and have a plan to make my school district better, the taxpayers living here proud, and the students excited to have a school board member that knows what it's like to go through

Plano ISD schools in the twenty-first century.

- Simon Salinas, your next School Board Trustee

Fiscal Responsibility & Equal Distribution of Funds

- Plano ISD is faced with declining enrollment, an 8-year deficit, and extremely high recapture payments that are given back to the state of Texas. Recapture needs reform. Leaving debt to our families, future taxpayers, and students that will live in Plano ISD after they graduate is one of the most important things I want to prevent. I have been an active voice for our district and community. As a Plano ISD Board member, I will continue to appeal for the Texas Legislator legislature to do what is right for our students in Plano ISD.


- We need state support in education. Our state government shouldn't be deciding where district funds are going, that responsibility should belong to Plano ISD Administrators and the Board.


- I want to continue making sure that underserved communities in our district are receiving equal funds. Education is an investment, not an expense. We must be responsible with taxpayer dollars and at the same time ask ourselves the serious question of whether we truly want innovation, options, and a top-performing school district. Public education is one of the topics I’ve seen communities with different viewpoints support.

Community Connections

- Now more than ever, we need a youth voice in decision-making processes to ensure board decisions are made that support students, educators, and staff. Engagement is about showing up to support campus events, PTA meetings, and attending graduation. It’s important to show up and listen to the concerns of our community.


- As a recent graduate, I am intimately aware of the current concerns of our students and our teachers. When I am elected to the PISD Board, I can bring these serious concerns to the attention of the other Board members and address those issues collectively and thoughtfully. There is great power when our community unites behind our students. We can change school funding formulas by working together with the State Representatives that represent Plano ISD, we can fight for adequate teacher compensation, and we can promote equity in education. Our community is centered around our schools and we all must invest time and effort in our future – our students.

Teachers and Staff​​

- Plano ISD teachers and staff are exhausted currently. They have spent the last three school years changing the way they teach, supporting students in ways they never have had before, and many are doing so while managing their own families in challenging times. It’s important to also recognize that there are staff who are also Plano ISD parents. Education is changing and we must have support in place to retain our talented and passionate educators. This requires empowering our teachers to use their professional training to teach while being given support and minimal interference from the PISD Administration and the Board. This will enable students to learn and thrive in a healthy and trusting environment. 


- I believe as a governing body, the Plano ISD Board needs to continue to support innovative initiatives by the teachers and the Plano ISD Administration that make life more rewarding for teachers. Our educators deserve a better work life balance. This will reignite their passion for educating students.​​ It’s also necessary that our educators have roles and responsibilities that are clearly defined and documented. I’ve seen too many teachers told to jump into physical fights among students and risk their lives when that should not be their job.

Student Success

- During COVID, my classmates and I experienced a shift in our learning. I believe now more than ever, we have to design a system that offers more individualized options for student success and growth. It’s important to create a unique learning environment where Plano ISD students can excel. This needs to be done quickly so that we can close the COVID learning gap at lower grade levels.


- Kindergarten readiness and College readiness are important targets that are currently lacking attention in our School District. We must make sure that each student in Plano ISD will be ready to learn at a higher level if he/she chooses to attend college or trade school. I would like to see a high school course that teaches students about financial literacy and college preparation.

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