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Jan. 11th School Board Meeting Major Agenda Items

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

- New Foreman Elementary School Principal

It was announced that Scott Schweikhard will be the next principal! Congrats Scott!

- Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) labels Plano ISD a "Meets Requirement" special education school district. Additionally, the 2020 graduation rate for Special Education students was 77.9%

- Pay Rate Raised for Substitute Teachers Based on Level of Education (From ESSER Funds)

- Around 1,000 Substitutes identified

Recapture has increased from $188 Million to $213 Million (Estimated tax collections went up, increase of the per capita Allotment, loss of students in Average Daily Attendance)

- #3 school district in highest recapture

- Texas recapture amount raised to 2.98 Billion

- Class ranking will be shown on transcripts for students in top 10%

I spoke out in support of a mask mandate during this wave of COVID-19

Fill rate was around 55%, which meant that teachers were absent and there was a need for substitutes. I watched as the school board said they were going to do everything to get through this tough time. I was in one of these classrooms, it was concerning. Students were skipping and substitutes and teachers were overworked. This was not okay. Plus, I was concerned about the spread of COVID-19 during this time and spoke out about the need for a mask mandate for our students during this wave. The spread had resulted in a loss of teachers and students from teaching and working in a safe environment, so I advocated for them during this meeting.
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