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Duties of a School Board Member

Where do school boards get their authority from?

- State constitution and state statutes or codes. Some states delegate more authority to school boards, and other states give less.

Who are school boards responsible to?

- Constituents, state authority, constitutional duty for the education of students.

School board members have many different duties involving Plano ISD families' most important thing, their students. That can include:

-Making sure each child with learning disabilities has access to an education that any child should receive

- Reviewing disciplinary procedures when approving the student code of conduct. This can include procedures after harassment, bullying, etc.

School board members have many different duties involving Plano ISD's most crucial backbone, their staff:

- Hiring a superintendent

- Managing the salary of staff

School board members have to make decisions that they believe are best for the district's finances and investments:

- Purchasing and retaining land owned by Plano ISD

- Approve tax and budget amendments

-Strategic plan development

These are just some of the duties school board members might do. We need to make sure there are people that we can trust to be in these positions because of the number of important decisions they make regarding students, teachers, and our budget.

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