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Hey, I'm Simon Salinas. I'm the result of Plano ISD schools, a hard-working single mother, and perseverance. I received five healthcare certifications, an associate's degree in applied sciences, and a certification in Political Science from Collin College, all before I graduated from Plano East Senior High School. I am also a proud Mustang at SMU. None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the essential school programs that Plano ISD offers for the students and I want to make sure that future students have the same opportunity to get ahead that I had.

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There was never a year when I chose not to be involved in Plano ISD since me and my mom arrived in 2009. From volunteering to walk younger children from their cars to their classrooms early in the morning in Elementary School to being a member of the Principal Advisory Committee at my High School and creating a Student-Teacher Advisory Committee with campus Administrators at my Senior High School when our students and teachers wanted to voice concerns. I have given my time, hard work, and leadership to PISD and I hope to continue doing this work on the school board with my experience of having been a student during the COVID-19 pandemic and talking to teachers about their concerns while I was in their classrooms. I've been in a class without a substitute teacher during the pandemic and that's why I will work hard to make sure that our teachers and substitutes are supported so that other students aren't ever put in that position again.


As the grandson of an immigrant who came to America because of the quality of life here, I was taught from a young age how important education and hard work were in making graduating a reality for students. Recently, our district has been in the spotlight because of racially motivated bullying, sexual assault, and discrimination in our schools. This is not what I want Plano ISD to be known for.  We need to solve these issues so that we can focus on the basics again. I will listen and work tirelessly, as I have started doing before graduating, to help create a district environment that works for everyone in Plano ISD.


I have worked hard to prepare for this position by being present in my community every step of the way and I will continue being present and talk to as many community members as I can meet to listen and understand different perspectives. I have never turned down a conversation and care about each person's perspective, even if we disagree. I'll show the community how a college student can represent the taxpayers, families, and staff of Plano ISD in a way that you'll be proud of.

I never thought I would be running for public office while going to College until two years ago when I started to realize how board policies directly impact students and staff. Ever since then, I've started early to represent people of color and students on the Plano ISD Diversity Advisory Committee and the City of Plano Multi-Cultural Outreach Roundtable (MCOR). I learned what it meant to be a school board member by attending TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) candidate trainings, BEST (Building Education for Students Together) trainings, and trainings through the Leadership Institute. I've volunteered with Plano ISD PTAs, helped out with Pass the Props Plano ISD, and I've even joined Collin County LULAC where I can help mi gente in Plano ISD. Partisanship will never be apart of my decisions on the school board. I have and will continue to shape my view for a better district on the community feedback I receive. I was also proud to be the president of the Plano Youth Police Academy Class 56, where I listened to the concerns Plano Police and School Resource Officers had and gained more respect for law enforcement. I am running to be your Plano ISD School Board Trustee because I didn't feel represented on our School Board and I didn't feel like every student was valued. The same frustrations were felt from the teachers and students I met. After long consideration and personal decisiveness, I'm running to make sure the students have someone who looks like them on the school board and will advocate for them in before, during, and after board meetings.

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